Business Phone System Features

A plethora of advanced features for your business

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Advanced Voice Mail Features
Visual Voicemail Voicemail to Email
Automated Attendant Menus
Automate inbound calls
Call Forward
Automatically Sends your inbound calls to any number
Do Not Disturb
Puts your phone in silent mode, all calls will go directly to your voicemail
Paging and Intercom
Speed Dials
Quickly dials your most commonly used phone numbers
Music on Hold
Keep your callers engaged will they wait on hold with custom music or special pre-recorded messages. Upload custom music on hold easily through the Admin portal.
Day/Night Mode
Easily sets the entire phone system into “after hours” mode with the click of a button.
Call Detail Reporting
A comprehensive report showing extension, time and date, length of call, number called, and more! Reports can be downloaded in CSV format for use in Excel.
Call Recording
Always, Never, or on demand using a feature code. Recordings are saved on the server for future reference.
Mobile Workforce
Your Employees can work from home. They just take their phone home with them and plug it into their home internet connection. The phone will then connect to the phone system and act just as if they were in the office. When they come back to the office, they simply bring the phone back and plug it back in at their desk. No additional programming is necessary.
Ring Groups
Extensions can be grouped together so that they all ring simultaneously or in sequence. Phones are most commonly grouped by department or function (e.i. Sales, Billing, Support)
Follow Me
If you don’t answer your phone, the caller can be instantly routed to several different numbers in sequence. Example: You didn’t answer your phone at the office, the call goes to your cell phone. You don’t answer your cell phone, the calls transfers to your home phone. No answer on your home phone? The call goes to another number, and so on.
Time Based Routing
The system can route calls to different departments or extensions based on the time of day. Example: If your billing department goes home at 5pm, then calls to that department after 5pm will be automatically routed to your sales department.
Company Directory
Web Call Controls
Voicemail to Email
Voicemails are saved as audio files and sent as an attachment to the email address of your choice. You can then listen to the email by clicking on the attachment in the email through your computer or smart phone.

Conference Calling

Video Calls
 Our system is fully capable of Video Calling with any Video Capable VoIP phone, or by using a webcam attached to your PC and our FREE Softphone App. Our Completely Free Windows Softphone App is Available for download by clicking HERE.

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