Call Center Frequently Asked Questions

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How many lines can I have with a Freevoice phone system?
As many as your current internet bandwidth will support.
How many extensions can I have on the system?
As many as you wish. There are no limitations on the number of extensions.
How are we billed for calls?
Our VoIP phone service is a pre-paid system where you can set your own parameters for auto refills. When the credit reaches a pre-set low balance limit, your stored payment method will be automatically charged for a pre determined amount and your VoIP account is automatically replenished. The customer is able to adjust these settings at any time.  You only pay for the calls you make and your VoIP service will roll over from month to month with no limit. 6 second billing increments, while you are not billed for extension to extension calls.
What is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)?
A –
What is Skill Based Routing?

Our Call Center systems feature intelligent routing to different “skill set queues” of which an agent can be assigned to be a member of multiple Queues concurrently. Agents have a single login to be multiple assigned queues  or by choosing queues individually.
Do you have a reporting query engine so that we can create our own custom reports without having to extract all the CDR records first?

Yes, our reporting package is one of our most outstanding features. You can create and save many custom reports.




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