How Freevoice Business Phone Systems Work

We'll explain just how easy it is

The Call Center is designed to handle heavy inbound calls from one or more published phone numbers.  Most typically these numbers appear in Commercials, Print Ads, or Radio Spots. Those phone numbers will get hundreds or even thousands of phone calls per day and the callers will need to be routed to a sales rep, customer service agent, technical support specialist etc.

The Freevoice Call Center efficiently and intelligently passes those calls to agents based on any number of criteria such as:

  • Agents Skill Set
  • Type of Help Needed
  • Number that was called
  • Time of Day

The Call Center performs much like a Traditional phone system, but with additional features and capacity designed to handle high bursts in call volume. We also offer advanced technical support and personalized unlimited training on Call Center Systems so that your business can receive the maximum benefit from a call center system. Call Center agents are able to make outbound calls on this system as well. Allowing for two way communications between your employees and customers.

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