Phone System Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I add new phone numbers?
Adding new phone numbers to your Freevoice system is simple because we supply the phone system, phone service, and phone numbers. Once you have signed up with us, we will provide you with a user name and password. You will simply log into our website using those credentials and from the dashboard you can add new phone numbers in any state or area code you wish. Phone numbers will be instantly assigned to your account and automatically activated within minutes. By default, new numbers ring through to your main greeting or all extensions of your phone system. Once the numbers are assigned to your account you can log into your phone system url and program the new phone number to behave any way you wish. Our highly trained support staff is available to assist you in this process.
How many lines can I have with a Freevoice phone system?
As many as your current internet bandwidth will support. Standard Office Internet will support anywhere from 25-100 simultaneous phone calls.
How many extensions can I have on the system?
As many as you wish. There are no limitations on the number of extensions.
Can my employees work from home?
Yes, the phones work over the internet. Simply have the employee take the phone home and plug it into their home network. The phone will automatically connect to the Freevoice phone system and operate just as if the employee was in the office.
I already have a phone system, Can I use my existing phones or do I need to buy new ones?
Yes, providing that they are a “VoIP” phone and a currently supported model on the Freevoice phone system. Our systems support several models including Cisco and Polycom, you can also mix and match different makes and models on the same system. Please contact one of our sales technicians for more information.
What is the operating system platform Freevoice runs on. Is it windows, Linux, or something else based?
Freevoice is based on the Linux platform
Does Freevoice work over an internet browser or do we need to install a software client on everyone’s desktop?
Our phone systems can be accessed through any web browser. However, we HIGHLY recommend you use google chrome. Agents without a hard phone use a browser and a software phone.

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