“How many phone calls can I place with a Freevoice Dialer System?”

  • The “Start-Up” system can place 100 concurrent calls or up to 24,000 calls per hour
  • The “Small Office” system can place 200 concurrent calls or up to 48,000 calls per hour
  • The “Corporate” systems can place 500 concurrent calls or up to 120,000 calls per hour

“What is the difference between a Power Dialer, Auto Dialer, Predictive Dialer?”

  • A Power Dialer automatically dials the next lead as soon as your agent becomes available at a ratio of  1/1, or one line per agent. This setting can be adjusted by increments up to to a maximum of 1/20, or 20 lines per agent.
  • An Auto Dialer will call lists of leads to play a prerecorded message and can offer menu options to press a key to be connected to a live agent, take a survey or other options.
  • A Predictive Dialer will automatically adjust the line to agent ratio depending on the answer ratio and drop percentage of your campaign.

“Are there any government regulations that I should be concerned about when using a dialer system?”
Laws vary greatly depending upon your business type, the state your calling, and opt-in status. We strongly recommend that you review the state laws and regulations concerning telemarketing and adhere to best business practices. It’s also beneficial to review the FCC website and possibly contact a lawyer for further advice.

“What is the difference between a Press One Campaign and Voice Broadcast?”
A Press One campaign gives the people you call the option to press on to reach a live agent. While a Voice Broadcast campaign will play a message with an advertisement, announcement, or contact information with the intentions to receive a call back or visit to a website.

“Where do I get the phone numbers to call with my Dialer System?”
Self-Generated Opt-in leads are, by far, the most effective. If you are just starting out or unable to generate your own leads, there are several lead providers in your industry who have the opt in rights for marketers to call. There are now lead provider companies that can automatically post the leads directly into your dialer. Give us a call and our highly trained consultants can help point you in the right direction.

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